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Date: 09.12.2009
From: karen

Subject: good news i hope

i am now on 20 mxt and i think its startin to work am beginin to be more like me and feelin a bit better, tiredness not as bad and am stratin to think straight a bit more . am just hopin this will carry on but i know i have been warned to take things easy still but just am glad am a bit better 4 now .so just to tell everyone there is hope if it stays like this .i still have stiffness ect but i can feel it gettin easier
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Date: 10.12.2009
From: jill

Subject: Re: good news i hope

Brill news Karen...thanks for letting the forum know, truly helps others
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Date: 10.12.2009
From: Verity

Subject: Re: good news i hope

Thats wonderful news! It must be such a relief for you just to have that bit of respite from intense pain. Fingers crossed it carries on for you! Dont forget, if it doesn't last then there are always other drugs to try that work just as well!
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