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Date: 05.12.2009
From: shaz

Subject: isotope scan results

hi jill and val got my scan results in a letter from hops today apparently the only inflammation showing at this time is in my toes, got appointment on 8th dec so going to ask him how come if this is so why do i have to stay on highest dose of mtx he did say he not changeing meds in letter also why are my hands and legs swelling up so much if theres no immflanation showing, had my swine flu jab as well on friday and arm is aching like mad hope it soon wears off.hope you both well and ready for xmas,sound like i getting invaded by the whole fam this year wish you both well lol shaz
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Date: 10.12.2009
From: valh:-)

Subject: Re: isotope scan results

hi shaz it makes u think why only showing in toes when hands and legs swelling does not make sence does it hope they tell u what causing your problems it so anoying. having quiet christmas this year and so glad as will get good rest. feet painfull and feeling bit sorry for my self lol
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Date: 11.12.2009
From: jill

Subject: Re: isotope scan results

Val....hi there xx hope ya well my friend, long time no seee lol xxxxx
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