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Date: 04.12.2009
From: Christopher

Subject: I want some information for my father

Well my father for many years has had some problems with his leg, it'd go then it'll come back etc. He's 66 and he's been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

I have some questions, I'm just 16 and I couldn't face losing him anytime soon, can this kill him?

Also, he told me he has it in his leg, his feet, and near the side of his neck, which he says causes his head not to be straight and it's pushing him down, something like that.

We have a stationary bike, would it help him at all. The doctor gave him some device which he pulls across his chest then it contracts, etc.

Would it be benefecial, and how benefecial if he was to cycle on the stationary bike for 30 minutes a day?

Thanks, Chris.
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Date: 05.12.2009
From: sue

Subject: Re: I want some information for my father

hi chris

i also have ra and im 37 and have no plans to die for at least another 40 years yet so i wouldnt worry to much about that. yes it is a nasty diese cause you can have pain anywere and when it flares up there is no escape from the pain but with medication and regular gentle exercise then im sure he will be ok. you can join the NSRA or look on there website and gets lots of info so that you will be up to speed. Try not to worry chick i now your concerned about your dad. did the hospital give you all the information booklets on RA.

take care sue xx
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Date: 05.12.2009
From: bsk

Subject: Re: I want some information for my father

hi Chris, you must be very worried about your Dad. When I first heard about rheumatoid I was scared as didn't know anything about it. Sue is right, it is a long term illness but there is a lot they can do to help your father. If you go on to the links on the home page of this site you can see all the organisations listed. I found Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC) vey good, also Arthritis Care. ARC have leaflets on diet, exercise etc. that you can download. I thik you can have some sent to you if you prefer and you could pass them on to your Dad.

Try not to worry too much and find out what you can do to help you both through this. Take care and let us know how you get on.
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Date: 05.12.2009
From: jill

Subject: Re: I want some information for my father

goood advose there gals...Chris R.A. is not a life threatening disease....U can help your dad in many ways life cutting grasss in summer, offer to help arpoun d the house, do shopping etc, and most of all do well in school. GCSes etc, give him something to be proud of....and most of all, ask yiyr Dad to talk to u about it, so tht u can help.....U can get Grab rails put in ya housem and banisters by the council...ring OT dept.... good luck let us know how u get on

take care Jill
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Date: 05.12.2009
From: Angela

Subject: Re: I want some information for my father

RA can effect your whole wellbeing and sometimes it is really hard to stay a happy functioning person.
The aches and pains can get you down.
I think your dad would appreciate patience when he has a low day.
I am sure you dont need telling that Chris but it is worth remembering later down the line, because these conditions can have a big impact on the family unit. I have RA to so I am speaking from experience.
Hope this little tip helps.
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