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Date: 03.12.2009
From: Debbie

Subject: Winter

Hi there, i am 42 had RA and AS for last 3 years, on methotrexate and pain killers.
Does the winter make your arthritis worse?
My hands are always so cold and hurt so much, i wear 2 pairs of gloves, and they are still icey.
I have started wearing leggings under jeans trousers, just to keep my knees warmer.
I dont know why, but i feel like i am feeling the cold a lot more than usual this year.
Nice to meet you all.
D x
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Date: 03.12.2009
From: jill

Subject: Re: Winter

Debbie Welcome to us and the forum, (debbie is my daughters name, so nice name eh) im jill, im on methtrexate and Enbrel.... have Inflam Arthritis along with a few other nasty probs, wont bore u with them, but they eat away at my soft tissues and discs etc....anyway this is a good place for advice, concerns, a tear, or a giggle, or any worried u may have cincerning your meds, side affects, anything at feel comfy ok...just wondering about your hands, do they go purple? u may have bad circulation, Reynauds causes that, its no biggy, just freezing hands all the time....... my probs are same all year around, nut my feet get crampy when its damp..........anyway hope to talk again soon, take care Jill...east sussex, where abouts r u?
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Date: 04.12.2009
From: Debbie

Subject: Re: Winter

I am in County Durham
No my hands dont go purple just red and finger tips go icy cold.
I am in a moaning mood lately, cos i feel pretty rough at the moment.
My 82 yr old mother has RA too, but she isnt very sympathetic, she just tells me to stop moaning and get on with things, i am her full time carer.
My hands and knees and hips are very painful right now, along with the AS, my back is in pain. I do push myself to keep going, i used to go to the gym twice a week until about 2 months ago, and i just dont have time now, with 3 children and my elderly parents.
But today all i want to do is sleep. I feel like i want to lie down and cry and feel sorry and think about myself for once, instead of others.
I know i havent got to give in to this, but we all have bad days with it, where it gets us down. I guess from my mothers era, they had to get on with things, it was the way of life they were brought up into, there also wasnt the drugs we have now to control the arthritis, so they had to get on with things. My mother is now disabled in a wheel chair, and has worked hard all her life. But we are all different, we all cope differently..i keep telling myself this, i am not my mother, she does have my arthritis, she has her's and we cope differently. But when she tells me to get on with things when i feel so bad it doesnt help.
Anyway, thanks for the moan.
Its great to meet you!
Debbie xx
Oh and i have bought a pair of leather gloves, and my fingers dont feel as bad with the cold :)
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Date: 04.12.2009
From: Chris

Subject: Re: Winter

Hi Debbie,

You know, i used to be sceptical about cold and damp conditions making things worse but since my recent flare up (I have progressive Osteo Arthritis,) I would agree about it. On damp days, I usually get some discomfort and pain and it's very weird..... Not sure if this is backed up medically......

Anyhoo, pls don't feel bad about having a bad day. We are all entitled to them and other members on this board will tell you that, as they have told me ;-) When I recently found this board, I felt very relieved to find some emotional support.

as for being told to get on with it....I know it's not what we want to hear, when we are in pain. The generation gap loosens the understanding that we are all different and cope in different ways, and as you say, medicine has advanced so much over the years.

Hope you feel better soon.

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