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Date: 26.09.2009
From: ASUinkling

Subject: What do you arthritis sufferers wish for?

I am an industrial design student working with other students on a project sponsored by materials manufacturer Dow Corning. Our task is to develop a device/product that makes domestic environments healthier, safer and more appropriate for people with reduced senses and/or mobility.

One area of focus is how arthritis effects peoples daily tasks. Please answer the questions and feel free to share any other insight you might have. If you do not have arthritis yourself, but live with or know someone who does, please feel free to answer the questions in regards to that person. I want this to be a free flowing, relaxed, open conversation that will help me better understand your needs. These questions only serve as a starting point for future conversations.

1.How old are you?
2.Male or Female?
3.Do you have osteoarthritis? If not which type do you have?
4.Where is your arthritis? (hands, feet, knees, hip, etc.)
5.How long have you had arthritis?
6.Do you live alone; with a spouse, family, or friend; or in an assisted living environment?
7.Which tasks of daily living are particularly difficult? Why/how? (bathing, using the restroom, cooking, talking on the phone, etc.)
8.What are some of the things that you wish you could do that you no longer can? (particular hobbies,work,driving,etc.) Are they because of reduced mobility, fear, stamina, doctors orders, or for other reasons?
9.If you have had any therapeutic treatments, what are your favorites? (particular exercises, activities, tools, etc.)
10.How has it affected the people around you? (friends, family)
11.Please add anything else you want to share.

Everything said in this thread will only be used in the research of this project.

Thank you for your help.
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Date: 26.09.2009
From: val h :-)

Subject: Re: What do you arthritis sufferers wish for?

hi we had a link like this few weeks back so if u look u will find it. only just sharting with it and shoes that do not hurt feet high on my list as still work and on feet all the time cheep ones colaps as bases got those silly soles with squares in lol. good luck
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Date: 26.09.2009
From: jill

Subject: Re: What do you arthritis sufferers wish for?

ASU...if u read all the posts, u will get all the answers u need....mite take ages... but then so r your questions.... wld take me hours replying to all of them, amd my fingers wont allow...apologies, but we have moaned and whinged about the stuff u r asking!! in my opinion, when im bad, in a flare up everything is a massssive hindrance!! and life is not worth living, couldnt care less if my house burnt down when im suffering bad!
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