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Date: 15.08.2006
From: gillian brooks

Subject: i need your help with a new product idea

I am a design student looking to design a product for people with AR which is similar to a multi tool (or swiss army knife) in that it encompasses several functions in one unit and is portable. The tool will be used to open plastic bottles( including the plastic rim that you sometimes find underneath the screw cap), open jars, lift ring pulls and tear that annoying wrapping that you get over cold meat products. I want this product to be used when out and about so that you're not avoiding buying certain products or having to ask someone else to help you. I also want the product to look good -not like it was made for people who have any special needs. I want it to be the sort of thing that even people without AR would covet.
I would love any advice you can give me re how you attempt to overcome these barriers at the moment. Also any tricks that you have found work well for you. Also (sorry, i am quite demanding!), anything else that's really annoying or troublesome that you feel could be addressed within this product -bearing in mind that i can't incorporate too many functions as the tool will end up too cumbersome or difficult to use.
Thank you for your time
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Date: 13.02.2020
From: Tracy Hammond

Subject: Re: i need your help with a new product idea

Hi Gillian,
I came across your post when searching for a ĪSwiss army knifeā for people with arthritis.
I know itās a very old post, but Iām wondering if you got anywhere with your idea? Thereās certainly a gap in the market.
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