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Date: 03.01.2023
From: Hobbling Boy

Subject: Supplements?

Hello all.

I am 44 yeas old, male and recently told I have arthritis after 15 years of pain and being told it was fibromyalgia.

My Dr is useless and giving me next to no information. The last time I asked for help I was told "I don't understand what you are asking, I am closing this request and suggest you speak to a pharmacy..."

So, what I know is that the cartilage in my ankles is wearing away and there are visible signs of damage to my ankle joints on an X-RAY. Walking in painful all the time, my ankles feel constantly bruised and battered made worse by walking etc....

I want to know what, if any, supplementation I should be taking and in what dose? I know I can get pain killers and have been prescribed just about everything over the years, but I'm looking to slow the degeneration as much as I can. My Dr thinks I will need new joints at some point and want to postpone that as long as possible!
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Date: 17.04.2023
From: adee

Subject: Re: Supplements?

Hi, try the herb tumeric it eased my pain dramatically, one capsule a day. It cant do any harm
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Date: 11.08.2023
From: dr. marcus bradbury

Subject: Re: Supplements?

Hi there i am a doctor and i think you need to patiently work through any problems your having with your doctor and find the correct supplement in the long term. In the meantime i would encourage you to email me and i will provide info on which supplement you should take in the short term.
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