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Date: 28.08.2022
From: Kevin

Subject: Tips to help my mum ?

Hi everyone hope you are all well,

My mum has had excruciating pain in her lower back.. it started as pain and has also led to developing drop foot.

She was many times told it was sciatica and slipped discs and more recently been told it's athritis when she was pushing for surgery to hopefully relieve what ever is the cause... not sure if the two can be linked ?

She spend all day taking the strongest pain meds that don't really do anything for the pain possibly help a little but she's taking so many it affects her mental health and causes shakes in her hand.. I'm fairly sure she is taking way more than prescribed.

But I don't know what to do help her, I've tried using roller mats, inversion tables, light physio excercises she was given by the hospital etc... but nothing works.

However she had a short spell for 3 weeks pain free before whatever it is went again.. Is this athritis or just slipped disc ? Would athritis just got away for a few weeks then return with a wrong movement ?

Thanks for any advice.
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Date: 12.09.2022
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Tips to help my mum ?

Hi Kevin,
A slipped disc is one of the worse pains I have ever had. Yes Osteoarthritis can cause this.
I had surgery on my disc the Sciatica went but the back pain from the arthritis stayed.
I feel for you Mum.
If your Mum is taking to much meds they obviously are not doing there job. Take Mum back to her GP and talk up for her say you are concerned about her pain. It might help a bit.
It is hard to get it right for all of us.
Good luck with it all.
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