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Date: 04.08.2022
From: Sharon

Subject: Arthritis of the spine

Hello,I am 68. I am in pain most days with arthritis and deterioration in my back and also have arthritis in both hands. I take Naproxen and Co-codamol but it doesn't really help the pain. I cannot walk far, have trouble using my hands, opening cans, jars, peeling vegetables etc. I use a disability scooter which I dislike.
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Date: 17.04.2023
From: adee

Subject: Re: Arthritis of the spine

Hi, try the herb tumeric it eased my pain dramatically, one capsule a day. It cant do any harm
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Date: 29.06.2023
From: Howard Spencer

Subject: Re: Arthritis of the spine

I have a lot of Arthritis problems, neck, compressed fractures in thoracic, herniated discs in lumbar, hip arthritis, through trial and error over a few years I take quite a few supplements, CBD full spectrum oil & use a tens machine, best 30 I have ever spent, please look into tens machines, you especially need to get the pads in the right place, but you will not regret buying one (Good Luck)
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