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Date: 03.08.2022
From: DB

Subject: Neck Arthritis

Hi,I have recently just found out I have arthritis in my neck, and wondered if anyone else with this experienced a lot of sore heads and feeling lightheaded/dizzyness? I have also been very tried. I am still waiting on test results coming back incase there is something to explain this tho.
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Date: 04.08.2022
From: Sharon

Subject: Re: Neck Arthritis

Hi. I have fibromyalgia which affects my neck which gets painful and stiff and that can make me feel dizzy at times.
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Date: 28.12.2022
From: Daffodil

Subject: Re: Neck Arthritis

Hi, I too have neck arthritis with dizziness, headaches, neck aches for about 5 years. It seems to be worse in the cold and damp weather. Also, anxiety and stress makes it worse for me. Good and bad days.
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