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Date: 09.06.2022
From: lol12

Subject: hi to everyone

not been on for ages not been well one thing after another really fed up with it all
i have not started novamix 30 insulin twice a day glad to get of the tablets so so ill had to go to hospital christmas day vomiting all day and night as you know tried very tablet possible as i was frigtened to go on insulin im glad i did not
i am still under the hospital until i get the dose right have to thumb prick 4 times a day and log my results i am back at the hosp next thur to see if i am on the right dose i am on 14 units in the morn before breakfast and 4 before tea i have also had so many flare ups with my arthritis i had to have a steroid injection in my shoulder 3 wks ago i couldn't move my arm phoned the rhumy nurse she said come down the next day and i seen my consultant and she gave me the injection but in just took the edge off so i had to go for an ultra scan yesterday on my shoulder to see wht is going on i am at rhummy clinic on tuesday also pain in my back and legs keeping me awake at night cant stand up for long and walking teribble i turned 70 two wks ago maybe its my age keep going. how is everyone missed your support lois let me know how you are x
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Date: 11.06.2022
From: Lois

Subject: Re: hi to everyone

Hi lol,
I am sorry you have been so unwell. I hope you get sorted soon. Nothing worse than not sleeping at night. Lets hope you get the dose right so you don't have to go on the injections. Keep your chin up.
I sit in the sun as much as possible it just warms the bones up. I'm sure it is just wishful thinking.

My feet are so painful and my back is getting worse. I have had spinal surgery. I had a CT scan before Covid and I now have 5 discs gone. They are not looking to do any more surgery. To be honest I have had so many surgeries over the years I don't want anymore. I say it's my age I am 71 now.
I lost my Mum last year the first anniversay is coming up on the 26th of this month. It is tough.
Do you remember Lucy she caught Covid last year about september time I think. She was keeping in touch she was in ICU on the strong oxygen. Then no more messages and haven't heard from her since. Bless her.
There is only really Colin and myself on here now. It is a shame the forum isn't the same at all.

It is so nice to hear from you again.
Let me know how you get on with that shoulder
Take care xx
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