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Date: 14.12.2021
From: dan

Subject: Arthritis school project

Hi all i am currently doing a sixth form project on helping people with arthritis. I am going to manufacture a product to aid with the daily activities of a person suffering with arthritis. I have some questions for you all. there any activity you especially struggle with at home?​

2.How did you get arthritis?​

3.Are you using any aids to help with your daily activities?​

4.Would you want the item to be aesthetically pleasing?​

5.What would you pay for a product that would aid you doing daily activities?​

6.Would a grip on the product be useful?​

7.How big would you want it to be?​

8.Would it need a hole so it can be hanged up somewhere?​

9.How old were you when you were diagnosed with arthritis? Do you take medication?​

10.If the product could have multiple functions, what would you expect?​

11. Do you have any friends or family who have this disease?​ you currently shop anywhere for arthritis aids?​

13. How difficult have some regular tasks become since your diagnosis?​

Thanks, Dan.

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Date: 14.12.2021
From: leo

Subject: Re: Arthritis school project

i will get in contact just send me your email xx
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