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Date: 08.12.2021
From: Cynthy

Subject: Best car seat for arthritic hip?

Please could somebody help with this? I want to give my daughter who has tremendous pain from her arthritic hip, a seat cushion for her car which would enable her to drive more comfortably and prevent stiffness when she gets out of the car. I have looked online and been confronted by dozens of adverts, I don't know where to start! It would be such a useful gift to give her for Christmas. Thank you.
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Date: 13.12.2021
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Best car seat for arthritic hip?

Hi there
Sorry took so long to reply.
LA DENZ CUSHION sold on amazon 24.95 has really good reviews on the top ten car seats for arthritis sufferers. This one is number 1. I looked on Amazon and there are good reviews.
Hope this helps. I am looking for something for myself.
Take care
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