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Date: 24.07.2021
From: Kev

Subject: Ankle arthritis

Good evening everyone

Is there anyone who can advise what they do when there arttitis in there ankle flares up. Itās incredibly painful and therefore looking for any advise that may help be it medicines or exercise to relief some of the pain
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Date: 24.07.2021
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Ankle arthritis

Hi Kev, welcome to the forum. Just a few tips that I use. A warm foot bath or you could just use a hot water bottle to warm your feet. Comfortable footwear is essential
Your GP should be able to prescribe you a good pain relief.
Kev do you have RA or OA it makes a big difference to your treatment.
I get a lot of pain in my ankles and it is not a pleasant experience.

I hope this helps a little.
Take care
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Date: 01.08.2021
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Ankle arthritis

Hi Kev, I sometimes put a support on my ankle, even a crepe bandage can help. It depends on what type of arthritis that you have regarding meds. If it is OA then usually painkillers from doctor, if it is RA or PA then the rheumatology will prescribe your meds. Supportive shoes too. Ask to be referred to orthopedics and physiotherapy.
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