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Date: 08.07.2021
From: yvonne rautenbach

Subject: RA in the hand

Hello people my name is Yvonne F 64 in Devon UK- I first had symptoms in my hands and feet the day after the AZ vaccine and after a blood test for RA factor was told I had RA. The problems have decreased however over 6 months and i only have pain on using my right hand or if i knock or pressure the joints in two fingers mid and fore fingers. I am not taking anything atm as i cant take NSAIDS for stomach reasons but i have stumbled upon something which reduces the pain andn stiffness in that hand- I am just puzzled why Lansoprazole for stomach acid would reduce the pain and disablity in my hand within a few minutes of taking it?
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Date: 14.07.2021
From: Karen

Subject: Re: RA in the hand

Hi I too have just found I have RA in my hands. I had the AZ but didnt make the connection. Im still experiencing pain and stiffness every morning and have booked an appt to be tested by my Gp for RA. I will be interested to hear how you get on and its good to hear your symptoms are improving. I dont know about the Lansoprasole maybe a chemist could tell you...K
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