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Date: 01.06.2021
From: Mark

Subject: Pain

So I went to hospital because I was in total agony.
They said I had arthritic damage ; when asked what type I have I donāt know.
I went to the docs afterwards when they was open & got some morphine till I got used to the pain as I have a very limited amount of painkillers I can take & she knows I donāt go in asking for it if I am in real bad pain as I loathe the stuff.
as I am already on dihydrocodeine @ 30mg x 8 daily & daizapam 4mg x 3 daily. So Iām not looking to add more painkillers to what I already take esp as most will make me ill.

What I am wondering is it getting worse even though I donāt use that hand at all; how bad can it get is like asking how long is a bit of string so Iāll only ask does it get a lot worse as you get older.
In my mid 50s
Lastly are these arthritic gloves any good ?
I ordered some but how much they help I have no idea.
The damage got painful enough to notice & goto the hospital happened about 3years ago.
The pain seems to be getting worse.
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