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Date: 02.12.2020
From: Grace

Subject: Questionnaire

1.What do you struggle with when using your hands?

2.What do you struggle with the most at home?

3.Are you left or right handed?

4.Is there anything you used to do that you can't do any more?

5.Have you had to limit the things you do with your hands?

6.What materials feel right to touch?

7. What kitchen appliances do you use on the daily?

8. Do you have any underlying medical conditions?
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Date: 07.12.2020
From: Val Bartell

Subject: Re: Questionnaire

1) anything heavy
2) Bottle tops, bleach etc drives me insane.
3) Right Handed
4) Touch my husband
5) Many things but I still struggle to "win"
6) My Bedsheets.
7) most as before.
8) Chronic Anxiety, also depression.
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Date: 28.02.2021
From: Marilyn

Subject: Re: Questionnaire

1.writing and opening bottles and jars.
2 opening bottles
3 right handed
4. writing letters and notes
5 yes
6 soft things
7 all
8. Type 2 diabetes, hyperternsionl
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