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Date: 04.11.2020
From: Jason Baxter

Subject: Knee pain & walking

I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. I also have a neurological condition which affects the way I walk (which has contributed to the arthritis). I live in a rural village with the centre being 1 mile away. I find walking very painful and Iām waiting for an osteotomy. I know I canāt walk to the village and back but is one way going to do more harm than good? The neurological condition limits my ability to do most exercise and COVID has taken care of the rest. I do stretches each morning. What are peoples views?
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Date: 06.11.2020
From: David

Subject: Re: Knee pain & walking


I would like to share my story. My name is David, 68 y.o suffered from chronic arthritis both of my hips and both of my wrist and the lower part of my back for over 25 years.
I have tried many main streams medicine and many alternative medicines. But nothing has helped and I have pain in constant pain for over 25 years. 2 months ago, my life changed and my pain was taken away. By using a natural plant-based medicine. I was very sceptical prior to trying this medicine but thank god I did because I started feeling pain relief after 2 hours. And following the course as I was instructed to, I have noticed over the last 2 months each area of my body that was in pain is now pain free.
My moods have never been as good as they are now and I am sleeping better than I ever had. I really want to spread the word as I know there are millions of people suffering just like I was who just like me tried every form of medication. And none of them work. This stuff definitely works, I now have my daughter who also unfortunately suffers from arthritis and sciatica taking the medicine and she is now able to pick up her young son again which she has not been able to do for the last 2 years. I totally understand how this may sound like a sales pitch but all I want to do is spread the word and donāt take my word for it. Please try out yourself and if I am lying, I am dying.

This is the email address where we purchase the medicine (
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