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Date: 14.10.2020
From: Ian Rimmer

Subject: Medication for chronic pain

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this board. My name is Ian.

I was just wondering what people take for their osteo-arthritis?
I have two prolapsed which have previously had surgery on.

I now take Tramadol, but they donāt really make the pain manageable. I exercise daily with gentle workout, and try and eat the right foods.

Does anyone know what painkillers are slightly stronger than Tramadol?
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Date: 14.10.2020
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Medication for chronic pain

Hi Ian,

Welcome to the forum. I have Rheumatoid arthritis so not too sure what's best for osteo-arthritis, although I am sure Lois will be able to advise on this one as she suffers from both osteo-arthritis and RA.

Some people take fish oil to help with the OA but not too sure how much pain relief they provide. I also think swimming is easier on the joints. Have you asked the doctor for something a bit stronger?
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Date: 15.10.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Medication for chronic pain

Hi Ian, I have had back surgery for prolapsed disc. I now have a further five prolapsed and they are not looking to do surgery.
I have been given Gabapentin which is a pain killer that turns off the nerve endings. I can also use along side Co-Dydramol if necessary and some days it is.

Gabapentin helps me get through the day. Some GPS are reluctant to give patients these drugs as they can be addictive.

Ian I hope this helps and I sympathise with your pain.
Take care and I hope this helps.
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