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Date: 06.10.2020
From: Jay

Subject: Research on people's experience with arthritis

Hello people my name is Jay and I am currently a third-year university student, studying product design.

As part of my third-year major project I am looking into Īrange of therapeutic devices for pain and therapyā in which my main focus is on the development of a therapeutic device that would help ease joint pain for individuals with arthritis.

Currently there arenāt many long term cost effective solutions to this problem which makes it less convenient.

As part of my research I would like to find out what your experience with arthritis is like:

- How long have you had it for?

- And if so when did it start?

- How old were you when it started?

- How your day to day experience is with it?

- What solutions are you trying / have tried? Long term or short-term fixes (ice pack or heated sand bags)

- Does the pain factor vary day to day?

- What tasks are difficult to do?

- What does the pain feel like?

- What activities are you no longer able to do, but wish to?

- What are you doing in order to keep the arthritis in control?

I hope my questions make sense and I hope I donāt come across as insensitive.

Iām trying to undertake this research so that I can understand what living with arthritis is like, in order develop a product / concept that could help people ease the pain in the long term from the comforts of their homes.

If you do take the time out your day to reply to my post, thank you so much and I hope you have a good day.
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