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Date: 06.09.2020
From: Joyce Martino

Subject: Major Damage from Anterior Hip Replacement

Anyone else relate? It will be 10 yrs soon and live with so much damage from Anterior Hip Replacement, I was 72 at time of surgery and now 82...and used no walker before, and my walker is my closest friend, 3rd and 4th legs...

Regrets??? Yes -- but I don't have the groin pain but so much other damage.
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Date: 09.09.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Major Damage from Anterior Hip Replacement

My mother had the same operation when she was 86 yrs she is now 94yrs. I have to say she has never had an ounce of trouble from it.

Sorry to hear you have had problems. Unfortunately not all surgery is positive.
Take care
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