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Date: 12.07.2020
From: lol

Subject: headaches

i have been having bad headaches for two weeks they are worse when i lie down starts in my neck and goes in my head i do have problems with my discs and spine any ideas also i had a bone xray with dye 3wks ago and when i phoned rhummy nurse to get results phoned me back and said consultant said everything was fine but i am not happy i want to know what state my bones are in as i was sent because of pain in ankles and knees and legs what can i do
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Date: 27.07.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: headaches

I totally missed your post. Sorry lol.
Your headaches could easily be coming from your neck. I have lots of back issues and i know for me i have lots of headaches. I try to get back and shoulder massages
I have near me a chinese medicine shop. The owner provide massages for back shoulder and neck. No undressing thank goodness as he does it in the shop. It really works for me. Haven't been for six months I really need to go again soon.
You really need MRI scan done. Speak to you GP about getting one done.
Take care and once again apologies.
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