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Date: 03.05.2020
From: Lois


I tried to find our last post and I have no idea where it is. If you see it you can bump it up. These posts are a nuisance as soon as the moderator clears them they are back. I think our posts might have gone again by mistake or maybe the moderator thinks we are a bit boring. LOL
I am sure it is a mistake just joking moderator.
I hope you guys are not too bad.
Colin I hope you and your Son will soon be on top of this cruel virus. Just take care both of you. I hope Mrs Colin is ok. She must be under so much strain with you both being ill. Bless her.

Well I posted a card and flowers to Mum. Lucy what a great idea sending things via Amazon good job some of us have sense. It never crossed my mind. My mum loves new clothes I am going to have a look later.
My daughter has bought her favourite perfume. We did notice it was a bit low then of course all of this happened.

It looks like 50th anniversary celebration is out of the window. I am feeling really upset about it. What can we do. Its not like it will happen again.

Anyway moving on because it is making me tearful.

You take care and your families of course xxx
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