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Date: 14.06.2009
From: jill

Subject: Spouse support/families?

Hi, me again, being nosey

how does your spouse cope with your condition, or dont u mention it anymore? mb keep it all to yourself?for me I guess its just part of our lives, hes a goodun and knows when im peed off, or in pain, becoz I TELL him LOL, makes me feel better when ive said im tired or in pain, becos I carry a lot of guilt with this friggging disease, Im also suppose to be having a spine op, mb this year, seeing surgeon in aug, but I feel its such a huge burdon on my family, particularly my fella, becos he will have to do all the running around with the kids, trips etc to skool, and all the cooking and housework, makes me feel a huge problem...

im n ot that use to my family doing everything, mind u, not that I an anyway, but I try to do what I can, it took me 8 months to get over my last spine op in 2003, also I got depressed, but mainly its the Guilt I feel, Like i shld be pushing myself. even after my last 4 ops, i felt guilt, I hate that... I always tell everyone to be kind to themselves, I shld do the same, but i struggle withthat..

.oh well, im rambling now and moaning, but I just wanted to know if others feel like I do, with their pain, or operations and recovery, or just in general day to day stuff, that we all have to deal with

Jill x
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Date: 14.06.2009
From: val h

Subject: Re: Spouse support/families?

can see where u coming from mums always used to do everything washing cooking shopping ect it is what we r all programed to do so no wonder u feel guilty even when u r doing all u can. the thought of another op and all it entails must get u down so sending u loads of hugs. how would u feel if it was him and not u with this horrid arther.u would not blame him 4 any extra work which comes your way so be glad he feels the same way .as u know only just started with this and not got it bad but house looks a mess some times going to work and feeding us is enough to cope with but other half does not moan bless him just helps out where he can we have no car so he is having to help more with shopping and can not carry with hands hurts to much (sorry moaning again)got shoulder bags and do little and often where can mind u dont think he realises how bad it gets some days just want to sit and cry try not to have u got a spare magic wand to clean house 4 me?
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