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Date: 28.10.2017
From: Ryan

Subject: Total wrist fusion

Good morning all,
Needing some advise/support really.
In over a weeks time I am due to have a total wrist fusion.
I googled some information on it but they're different procedures.
Can any who has had it done give me some tips what to expect.
Advise on how to manage life after the Op?
Are we classed as disabled etc?
Any help or advise will ease my worrying.
Kind regards
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Date: 31.10.2017
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Total wrist fusion

hi Ryan

not had it myself but had my ankles fused , hope it goes well & you should be in a lot less pain , thought my left wrist was going to fuse by itself but after some steriod it was back to one painful joint

hope it goes well for you
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Date: 01.11.2017
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Total wrist fusion

Sorry I can't help, Ryan, but I hope it all goes well for you.
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