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Date: 25.10.2017
From: Ann

Subject: Methotrexate, Folic Acid and Blood Tests

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I was diagnosed with RA just over 2 years ago.
I was put on methotrexate 15 months ago. I am on a dose of 15 mg mtx once a week and take 10 mg folic acid 2 days later. This medication has really helped me a lot.
I have monthly blood tests and these were all coming back fine. My ALT/AST had been below 50, as it should be (This test is to see how my liver is working). In August I had a blood test and this showed ALT/AST had risen to 85. This prompted blood tests 2 weeks later, 4 weeks later and 7 weeks later which showed ALT/AST rising to 125, 212 and 260 respectively. I have had a phone call from my doctors practice telling me to stop taking mtx immediately and I am seeing my doctor in 2 days time.
I am really worried about coming off mtx and going back to how I was before. I also realize the seriousness of liver damage.
I have seen on this forum that some people are on 5 mg folic acid 6 days a week. I am only on a third of this dose. Does anyone know if increasing folic acid will help bring ALT/AST levels down to normal (Obviously I shall ask my doctor but just wandered if anyone had any experience of this). Thank you.
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