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Date: 06.09.2017
From: Viv

Subject: Does anyone know anything about abatacept

I have recently been told that I will be given abatacept, as I have degenerative RA at present. I am only taking 10mg of steriods a day.
Would love to hear from anyone whos had any experience with this new drug.
Thank you
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Date: 08.09.2017
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Does anyone know anything about abatacept

hi Viv , I been on several of these biologics & about to start a new on myself called tofacitinib which is a tablet biologic , was on rituximab & tocilizumab before & enbrel & simponi

I am on a high dose steriod , they stopped my methotrexate & rituximab & my CRP last time was 116 so hoping cas reduce my steriods , had RA for over 20 years & need several joints replaced/fused

so dont worry to much on it & hope it helps
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