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Date: 24.08.2017
From: Kirst

Subject: Management of RA in pregnancy

Am now 24 weeks pregnant and have rheumatoid. I have just been given a kenalog injection as my hands are sore and swollen. First treatment I've had on other than pain killers this pregnancy.
Just wondering how other people managed, what treatments u began or re started after baby's arrival? Been told it's usual for remission during pregnancy (not happening for me tho) and for it to come back with avengance withing weeks of the birth. This scares the crap out of me! I have two children from before diagnosis 9 years ago x
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Date: 24.08.2017
From: DD

Subject: Re: Management of RA in pregnancy

I've never been pregnant but have been told by doctors how pregnancy puts people into remission. I can't help but wonder if scientists ever figured out why women go into remission while pregnant... I'm 47 and have had RA for 26 years. It's a horrible disease.
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Date: 25.08.2017
From: Bekki

Subject: Re: Management of RA in pregnancy

I went in to remission during pregnancy and felt the best I had felt in a long time. About 3/4 weeks after my baby's arrival I started getting flares again. I had to go to docs to get back into rheumy unit, a few times actually. Got back in and started on sulfasalazine, was upped to 6 tablets a day in April as wasn't having too much of an effect and now it just seems to be messing with my white cell count to be honest.
Speak to the doctors and see if you can get something in place to start straight away after baby. Good luck with everything x
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