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Date: 18.08.2017
From: Kerry

Subject: Non drug treatment

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with RA but it has progressed very quickly since symptoms first began in January. I have one young son but hubby and I would like another ASAP. Due to this I can't take any drugs ( the ones that were safe didn't work). I have changed my diet, do acupuncture and take what over the counter drugs I can. The problem is it's effecting my mobility and wonder if anyone has gone through this, any advice?
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Date: 19.08.2017
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Non drug treatment

Hi Kerry, I'm sorry to hear that you have RA especially when you are young and want to have a baby. I have heard that some people do go into remission when they become pregnant but if it is affecting your mobility just now then you should really speak to your rheumatologist about this and see what they suggest. It can be very difficult to cope with RA without proper meds. I know that some girls on here have managed to have a baby and hope someone will come on and offer some advice. Good luck with it all and I hope things work out well for you x
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