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Date: 16.08.2017
From: Tyreon

Subject: NHS Dentistry with immuno suppresents

Hi. I am currently taking Simponi an immunno suppresent. Most recently I had to have a tooth extracted. Done,but the root was left in. With the root left in the dentist told me I was more likely to get an infection(remember,I am on a immune suppresent). The job of extracting the root was to be done by an oral surgeon. I have now been put on a waiting list...with no date for surgery. How long do I have to wait for this surgery to take place. My rheumatologist says I shouldn't take the Simponi until I have had the root extracted. How disabled do I have to become? I had booked an activity holiday,but can't go on it without the help of the Simponi.
Anybody with advice or experienced similar?
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Date: 16.08.2017
From: Carla

Subject: Re: NHS Dentistry with immuno suppresents

Same thing happened to me. I went private in the end, and it was sorted within days.
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Date: 20.08.2017
From: tyreon

Subject: Re: NHS Dentistry with immuno suppresents

Making appointment to see doc tomorrow. Have now seen x3 dentists who say this root extraction could be complex and recommend I have a specialist do the job.
I must now stop the Simponi to go to doc to ask for additional medication to ease increasing pain and immobility and lack of sleep. As my condition deteriorates I guess I should ask for docs help in supporting my wife get carers allowance for myself and a disability driving badge. I am not sure whether I am then allowed to claim for disability living allowance.
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