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Date: 19.07.2017
From: Lara

Subject: Hi lucy

Hi Lucy
Haven't been on for quite some time and cannot believe the rubbish that is on here now. Can't the site administrator do something about it?
How are you?
At the moment I'm doing not too bad, plodding on really . More good days than bad in past 8 months, if I ignore the fatigue that is. Enjoying the warmer weather but can't sit in the sun as makes me feel ill! :(
Hope you are well or as well as you can be. I'll pop on more often to say hi.
Keep well, sending hugs to you xx
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Date: 19.07.2017
From: lois

Subject: Re: Hi lucy

Hi Lara, good to hear from you I have reported this to the administrator and she clears it all off and then they repost.
Pleased to hear you are going along nicely. The weather is better for us all.
I posted to Lucy on her other post. I haven't been on as not too good lately but I am so over it all and just plodding on now. I took a couple of breaks away from it all and feel better for it.
Take care keep well xx
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Date: 21.07.2017
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Hi lucy

Hi Lara, Lovely to hear from you. That's good that you are keeping relatively well. I'm doing alright although i'm having quite a lot of pain in my ankles. I've been going to the swimming and finding it helps a bit and doesn't put the same strain on the joints as walking does. How is the work going? We are having another rainy day here and finding it quite cold in the house this morning (doesn't feel like July) Take care and keep in touch xx
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