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Date: 22.06.2017
From: Meg

Subject: Cortisone injection

I have today had a cortisone injection in my wrist, and very concerned as my thumb and the two next fingers are kind of numb but when I touch them it's like pins and needles if that makes sense. Does anyone know if this is normal?
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Date: 23.06.2017
From: Colin W

Subject: Re:ith your injection but Cortisone injection

hi Meg , I would go see a health professional like GP , dont think its any thing to do with your injection but can get a nerve trapped , I hav one in my right elbow & causing my little finger to be totaly numb & the finger next to it having problems as well

strange thought even with a numb finger it can cause alot of pain , if the steriod took some of the swelling down then maybe that could cause it but see your GP
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