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Date: 07.06.2017
From: Gillian

Subject: Anadin extra pain relief

I've been advised to take doses of paracetamol during the day for pain relief - I have found anadin extra works better but I am concerned at the amount of aspirin taken? Has anyone found aspirin with paracetamol working more effectively and how safe is it to take every day?
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Date: 07.06.2017
From: Lucy

Subject: Re: Anadin extra pain relief

Aspirin can be quite a good pain reliever but can cause stomach ulcers if taken regularly I think paracetamol is safer although if taken in large doses they can affect the liver.
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Date: 14.06.2017
From: Sophie

Subject: Re: Anadin extra pain relief

I too can only take anadin extra, paracetamol makes me nauseous. My local pharmacist said its better to take paracetamol even co-codamol before taking aspirin as it can cause stomach ulcers. I can only take anadin extra though so I will have to chance it. Been takng them for years.
Best wishes
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Date: 22.11.2021
From: Beryl M Mitchell

Subject: Re: Anadin extra pain relief

Paracetamol does not help me with pain relief. However, Anadin extra does, and it also lifts my mood.
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