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Date: 10.06.2006
From: tracy

Subject: polymialga

hi my dad was reciently diagnosed with polymialga amd seems to be having trouble breathing. He is always out of breath. He is currently taking prednezone. It takes him all day to get moving.He is very frustrated.Our family doesn't feel we know enough about it.How do we help.Is there alternative medications?
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Date: 15.06.2006
From: Helen

Subject: Re: polymialga

Polymyalgia rheumatica usually resolves by itself, even when not treated, in 1 to 4 years. Symptoms diminish greatly with treatment. Most patients need steroid treatment for one or more years.

Yesterday after coming back from the college library a friend of mine gave me the link to arthritis resources

If you find something about specific use of Nonsteroid Anti-Inflamatory Drug usage like Meloxicam, or interested in data exchange, please send the email to

With regards,
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Date: 16.04.2008
From: norman

Subject: Re: polymialga

I have had polymialga for about ten years now ,and have been taking steroids for six years it is holding my symtems at bay but it cant be good to be taking these for such a long time
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Date: 13.08.2008
From: Mrs Elkins

Subject: Re: polymialga

I have had polymialga for twelve years and I have been taking steroids and still am each time I try to come off these tablets I suffer badly
I cannot live without them but I am concerned as to the damage they are causing other parts of my body Any suggestions
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