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Date: 11.04.2017
From: Lynne Fowler

Subject: osteoarthritis

Hi everyone im new to this site and am living with osteoarthritis. I know its in every joint. I was seen by the hospital once thats it. Im 45 trying to work with it but its physical work im doing and in pain everyday. I don't know what the next step I should take? Any suggestions greatly appreciated thanks Lynne
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Date: 11.04.2017
From: lois

Subject: Re: osteoarthritis

Hi Lynne, I was just wondering what tests you have had done. Have you had blood test done for RA?

There are pain medications you could be offered. Your GP could prescribe them for you. There is also heat patches and creams you can rub in the painful areas.
There is Physiotherapy you could ask your GP for a referral.
It is important not to over do things i.e. too much pressure on your joints and resting is important.
I know how hard it can be to cope with pain and there is no reason you should be doing this without help. Pop along and see your GP and have a chat I find it helps to write down everything you want to ask as I have found I always used to manage to forget something.
It is not unusual for the hospital not to see you again if it is OA you have. OA is wear and tear and other Arthritis like RA and PA are autoimmune disease and are treated very differently.

Lynne I hope this helps in some small way and I wish you good luck with it all.
Take care X
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Date: 29.05.2017
From: Ann jane

Subject: Re: osteoarthritis

Lynne I've been working on OA for 17 yrs. One of the main causes of OA, in my case severe OA of the hands at age 45, is the failure of the genes in the bone cells to maintain and repair bone. There are two switches that are needed to switch on the genes. The se are the female sex hormones estrone and estrogen. Ask your GP for low dose HRT, providing its safe or you you will find in most cases a dramatic improvement after about 2 months of low dose estrogen. You will need to take them for ever to stay free of OA
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