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Date: 07.02.2017
From: Sharon1

Subject: Knee pain

My knee first started marking noises 20 years ago when I was in my 30's. Now having been told to go swimming for a shoulder problem my left knee has flared up,( I had a nasty fall it last year,) I have no stiffness but it aches like an stomach turning pain. I'm going to see a Physio tomorrow but would be grateful got tips on how to treat this pain.
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Date: 10.02.2017
From: Tonya Laning

Subject: Re: Knee pain

I have severe knee pains as well going back about 30 years. I find that warmth is the only thing that really helps.
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Date: 15.02.2020
From: Polyanna

Subject: 839488

I had two meniscus brill & right no good (different hospital)..I am in constant pain & cannot take painkiller meds as I had an ulcer... I'm trying CBD oil & also Turmeric & black pepper from H&B but to help...any suggestions of a better prod.?
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Date: 15.02.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Knee pain

There are warm knee pads you can buy. MRI scan is what you could ask your Gp for.
Knees are complicated things.
Your gp should be able to help with pain medication. Maybe a pair of crutches to take the load off the knee for a while.
Good luck with the physio
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Date: 22.02.2020
From: Barry 2

Subject: Re: Knee pain

Maybe Iām teaching you to suck eggs here but I canāt walk far without arch supports in my shoes, I originally had them made up privately at considerable expense but they were too unforgiving , caused plants fascia's, plus upset my lower back where I have spinal degeneration, I use standard orthaheel supports from boots now and good fitting shoes, so important to keep posture and thatās from the base of the feet up, may well not cure the probs you have at such a late date but may well alleviate some of the probs, also keeping tendons and hamstrings stretched or a least massaged, just creams good, this anti inflammatory stuff gets in the system , irritates the stomach, Iāve had little benefit from that, take care how or where you walk, level smooth ground, medication can ease but also cover up the problem, then it can be further aggravated without realise youāre doing it, weight loss has to be considered as well, also sitting on a chair and gently bringing your foot up , not swinging it, never continuing that if thereās pain worsening
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Date: 06.09.2020
From: Joyce Martino

Subject: Re: Knee pain

My knee started to make noises going on 30 yrs ago and now at 82, it's been thru a lot of damage from hip replacement MESS and in recent yrs a staph infection, long terrible story.

I keep doing a lot to stay away from any more replacements, hip was too much.
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