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Date: 02.06.2016
From: Gill Clague

Subject: Treatment

Recently diagnosed and seeing rheumatology again next week to discuss severity and treatment. I have asthma any advice in medication ?
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Date: 03.06.2016
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Treatment

Gill , you are not alone in having asthma , some of the Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug can cause asthma in 1 in 10 people with asthma , because they are asprin based , I am one & every one of the Naisd's cause me asthma

no other drug treatment will give you a problem with asthma
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Date: 06.06.2016
From: lois

Subject: Re: Treatment

Hi Gill I take meds for RA and have asthma the only thing I can't take is anti-inflammatory but that is not true for everyone.
Have a chat with the rhumey team.
Good luck with it all.
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