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Date: 29.05.2016
From: Bekki

Subject: Suggestions for meds?

Hi everyone, just wanting some suggestions of meds I could ask for when I go for my review for my RA on Tuesday.
I was on tablet form mtx, and that gave me terrible sicky feelings and made me very sleepy. I asked to be put on injection form and they granted this, it was a lot better but still made me sleepy.
I was on a break from mtx as I was feeling under the weather for some time and fell pregnant. My baby is here now a healthy little girl and I had no flare ups during pregnancy, but during labour my hands totally ceased and since have been relatively okay, the odd tiny flare but manageable (little one is 7 weeks old) but my feet (right one in particular) is absolute agony, toes constantly swollen and hurts to walk so not very good when I'm trying to get out to get the little one fresh air and such :(
I don't really want to go back on the mtx incase I have the same side effects as before as being sleepy with a young baby around isn't exactly practical.
Any suggestions or advice would be great!
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Date: 29.05.2016
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Suggestions for meds?

Hi Bekki, Congratulations on the birth of your little daughter and pleased to hear it all went well for you.
I started on sulphasalazine and it worked well on it's own for around 4 years before adding plaquenil so you could ask for one of them. I hate mtx as well but i now take a small dose along with the others and a biologic drug but i've had RA for around 15 years now. x
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