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Date: 21.05.2016
From: Gill Clague

Subject: CCP and RF results

Can you have mild ra that doesn't require treatment ?
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Date: 21.05.2016
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: CCP and RF results

Gill , the answer is yes , about 40% of those with RA dont know they have it & some like my sister just take anti-inflammatories when they need them

the point of drugs is to stop long term joint damage , the chances are that you wont have severe RA & they should be able to control it so you can have a pretty much normal life , there is little over the counter drugs that work , cod liver oil is an anti-inflammatory , you may find some foods that make it worse , oranges , berries , tomatoes which you could try eliminating

the problem is that RA develops over first 6 to months , not everyone needs drugs like methotrexate or the biologics like we take & hopefully just some anti-inflammatories will work
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