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Date: 21.05.2016
From: Denise

Subject: Lung damage with methotrexate

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 10 years ago and have been in all the usual treatments . Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine and leflunomide orally all of which gave me hideous side effects . I have been on methotrexate injections for 18 months having had dose increased 4 months ago . Recently I have become very fatigued and when my doctor did tests it transpires I have lung damage and that my lung function is down to 69% with my lung age being 73 I am 50 .
Has anyone any experience with this happening to them I am totally freaked out that I am now classes as having a chronic lung problem . I am seeing my Rheumatologist this week but I suspect all he will say is stop taking it and leave the doctor to come up with some solutions as to where we go to from here .
I am suffering with awful hand and joint pain and was hoping he would give me a steroid injection into my thumb and big toe . Unfortunate thing is I was actually starting to feel a bit more human recently despite suffering from sciatica for 18 months.
Looking for reassurance that all will be ok . Knew this could happen but never thought it would happen to me .
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