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Date: 16.05.2016
From: Evelyn Barrett

Subject: OA in the knees

I have quite recently been diagnosed with OA in my knees. one knee in particular is very painful but only when I walk on it. I can't take the anti-inflammatories the doctor prescribed. I'm taking chondroitin and gloucosamine. I work and want to stay active as I like gardening also but can't do more than 20 minutes now. Any advice?
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Date: 17.05.2016
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: OA in the knees

hi Evelyn , I got RA for 20 years & now my knees are knackered being told I got OA in them ,

I will need a total knee replacement later this year , one thing they told me was to build the muscles up by doing cycling 5 times a week , starting 1min a time & building it up , using a mini cycle

other things you can try is a brace , heat/cold & anti-inflammatory gel , I cant use tablets because they give me asthma but can use gels like volterol
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Date: 13.06.2016
From: Lois

Subject: Re: OA in the knees

Hello, Evelyn, I am in a similar situation, recently diagnosed, can't take NSAIDs. I have pain on the inside of the joint, and find the knee brace helps (from my consultant). I use Voltarol gel, too.
Swimming is helpful, and I keep moving as much as possible.
The diagnosis is a blow, isn't it, even if you suspected it?
I have recently spoken to two friends with new knees, both older than me, (I am 67), and they were amazingly positive. Don't despair!
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Date: 08.07.2016
From: Barry

Subject: Re: OA in the knees

Hi Evelyn, I have OA nearly every major joint including knees, I use glucosamine, and also hydrolised egg membrane, what really helps me is gentle but constant stretching exercises, and exercises to build up muscles in that area, quads in particular, if I can't warm up normally I often do stretching when I have a bath, at that same time I also massage my knees as best I can ( have OA in wrists as well), barry
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