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Date: 19.10.2015
From: lol

Subject: balance problems

Hi it's lol as usual im looking for your support would be lost without it. I have started to have problems with my balance when I go out and walk a little bit my balance goes funny I feel as if I am going to fall and go from side to side. over the weekend it's gone worse my head feels fuzzy I'm not dizzy but when I lie down I go really light headed. I have been to my doctors many times he sent me for a hearing test, the consultant was a waste of time he said stand up and close your eyes, I did and fell against the wall he said sit down then he said its not your ears your balance is ok. I said if it's ok why did I fall. he said I will tell your GP to send you to see a neuro surgeon I phoned the hosp to find out how long the wait was they said it's 8wks before the consultant looks at your letter and 8to 16 weeks wait for an appointment. I went to the doctors tonight and he said I don't know what is causing it all your blood tests are ok. I was thinking would the arthritis in my neck cause balance problems be grateful for any ideas so fed up thanks x
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Date: 20.10.2015
From: lucy

Subject: Re: balance problems

Hi Lol, Yes, I think it's possible it could be coming from your neck. Have you spoken to the rheumatology people about this? If you haven't already spoken to them then I would give them a call and see what they say. I'm guessing the doctor has already checked your blood pressure. I wouldn't worry too much about the neuro appointment as he is probably just trying to rule everything out. If you feel unsteady when outside it might be an idea to use a stick for a bit if support. x
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