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Date: 16.10.2015
From: Maisy

Subject: Psoriatic Arthritis

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis around 2 years ago.
I chose not to take medication since the condition had very little impact on my life, and I'm a severe sufferer of Anxiety and the prospect of medication was daunting.

2 years on and things are getting worse.
I havent yet been told I have any joint damage, but what started out as minimal pain is now pain in a lot of my joints.

As much as life if painful, I have learned to manage and I'm still not on any medication.

My rehumatologist has prescribed sulfasalazine, but the issues Im facing now, is that my partner and I would like to start a family.

I am due to have my contraceptive implant taken out in April 2016, and the discussion i've had with my rehumatologist is that I will take the sulfa until then to try and get good disease control (CRP 23 - ESR 28)

I'm just so worried about taking the medication. Im worried about the side effects, but my main worry is that once i'm on the meds, I will need to depend on them forever.

I would preferably want to stop them if I were to conceive, and I worry that If I do stop them, my arthritis will get worse and I wont be able to cope or even worse, manage a pregnancy.

I am so stressed out right now and all of this really is getting me down.

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

M x
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Date: 16.10.2015
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis

Hi Maisy, I can imagine it must be a worry for you, especially if you're thinking of starting a family. I have RA and I know that stress seems to make it worse. I know only to well how hard it can be to control stress and anxiety but if you could perhaps join a yoga class or learn to relax it may help your symtoms. As for getting pregnant I think you would need to follow the advice of your rheumatologist but I have heard that sulphasalazine is safe to take in pregnancy but you would need to get that confirmed. I'm sure some others that have been in the same situation will come on and advise. Sometimes arthritis goes into remission when you get pregnant so you may find you wont need any meds but if you are suffering and to avoid joint damage it would probably be advisable to take them. You could also call one of the arthritis helplines for advice on medication during pregnancy. xx
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