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Date: 01.06.2015
From: Rosie

Subject: where do i go from here?

Hi All
Just found this forum and hope you can advise me. I was diagnosed with mild RA about thirty yrs ago and since then i have bimbled along with occasional flare ups for which i have been prescribed Naprosyn (I am now 60!)
My hands are a little damaged and my feet also but as i have always been active they have never been a real problem to me.
Last year I was very ill with a diverticular stricture resulting in surgery and a grim recovery. I developed auto immune thyroiditis and am now on carbimazole. Hopefully this is temporary for just a year as the problem can resolve itself.One of the side effects of this drug is joint pain. All the doctor said to me was that " i would know the difference between that and my RA"!
For the past three months my RA seems to be becoming worse.I am very stiff and sore in the mornings, wrists fingers shoulders and elbows ache. My feet too.I have recommenced the Naprosyn but it seems with little effect.I am finding work increasingly difficult. I went back to the GP the other week and asked about DMARDS but he says that they would be reluctant to prescribe them as i am on carbimazole and i would have to wait until i am off it.
So it seems I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Date: 02.06.2015
From: Julie

Subject: Re: where do i go from here?

sorry you are having problems Rosie I wondered if you have seen a rheumatologist? Perhaps they could offer you some guidance.

A lot of us on here take or have taken Naproxyn (or as you spell it) I had it prescribed myself but to be honest I don't take any more because it didn't do anything, ibuprofen did more!!

I prefer Tramadol with two paracetamol, months of taking tramadol by itself but then my rheumy told me to take it with two paracetamol, what a difference it made. But not everyone can take tramadol. We are all different., and I am sure somebody will come to give you advice and better answers, I just didn't want you to think that nobody was listening.
Take care Rosie and hope you get help.
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Date: 25.06.2015
From: Eira

Subject: Re: where do i go from here?

I haven t had the same as you but do think your GP might consider other pain relief or anti inflammatory . Maybe you need to tell him again how bad it is and ask for a re- referral to rheumatologist as you already have this diagnosis. It seems these auto immune things can sometimes be linked so maybe this has triggered your RA. Believe me there is so much more they can try which could help, even if methotrexate is not possible at the moment. All the best
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Date: 10.10.2015
From: Rosie123

Subject: Re: where do i go from here?

A bit of an update for you all and a moan from me which I hope will make me feel a bit better!
Finally I got the OK to stop the carbimazole as my thyroid levels returned to normal. The very next day I went to the gp and asked for help with my R A and was referred. In the meantime he gave me some steroids to help which they did.
About a month later I saw the Rheumatologist. Sero positive RA with bone involvement. Pretty obvious really as I hobbled in to see him! I was started on methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine straight away plus an extended course of steroids.
I felt great on the steroids and even went camping and did alot of walking ( even though it was in crocs!)
Now.... Eight weeks later I am on 2.5 mg steroids and I am back to almost how I was before. Mostly in my feet but also painful wrists and hands.
I see the Rheumatoid nurse again in a week and am wondering if she will increase the steroids again or do I hang on and wait to see if the methotrexate kicks in and does its job. I realise that it can take up to twelve weeks to work but I really do need help now.
Any thoughts?
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Date: 10.10.2015
From: lucy

Subject: Re: where do i go from here?

Hi Rosie, It's good that you have an appointment with the rheumy nurse next week and you can tell her how things are. 2.5mg of steroid is a very small dose but it's not good to take high doses for any length of time. You will probably be offered a steroid injection and if not ask for one and hopefully this will help until the meds kick in. If they don't start working by the time the steroid jab wears off I would be asking for something different. Good luck.
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