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Date: 28.03.2015
From: jools

Subject: What kind of arthritis is it?

Hi all,I have been suffering with the small joints near my nail bed for months now.After visiting my doctor I have had blood test done which have ruled out inflammatory markers,however after xrays and ultra sounds on my hands last week the radiologist suggested an inflammatory condition could be the cause. Really confused now.I also suffer from sacriolitis .spondylosi c.spine and fibromyalgia.
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Date: 28.03.2015
From: Ella

Subject: Re: What kind of arthritis is it?

Hello Jools the joints at the end of the fingers nearer the nail are the DIP joints. Problems in that area of the hand could suggest osteoarthritis. I have inflammatory osteoarthritis and that is where it all gets even more confusing !
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Date: 29.03.2015
From: Paula-R

Subject: Re: What kind of arthritis is it?

From what I have been told by my specialist nurse, the joints on the ends of your fingers are the only joints in the body that Rheumatoid Arthritis does not attack. I had some swelling and tenderness there and she said it would be OA.
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Date: 02.04.2015
From: lois

Subject: Re: What kind of arthritis is it?

Hi Jools, sorry I missed your post. I have a lot of trouble with my finger joints and this is definitely OA (for me ). I do have low inflammatory markers but I have OA in most joints now (I have had OA for 35yrs) I was young.
I have had back surgery and elbow surgery it is all very confusing. They do have pointers they look for and test and we just have to have confidence in our Gps and Consultants that they have it right.
It is a long haul.
Take care and I wish well.
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