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Date: 24.03.2015
From: Kirsty

Subject: Bone marrow oedema

Hello! I've had inflammatory arthritis in my knee for 7 year, and in my hip for just over a year, but I was only properly diagnosed in January 2015 (age 22). Yesterday I recieved the results of my mri which indicates I have inflammation and bone marrow oedema. I know what bone marrow oedema means, but I don't know what it means for me in the future. Does it lead to joint replacements? Is it treatable? I can't find much about it online and my rheumatology appointment isn't for another month. Any info would be great, thanks!
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Date: 25.03.2015
From: Julie

Subject: Re: Bone marrow oedema

sorry Kirsty I cant help, but I didn't want you to think nobody was listening. I am sure someone will be along soon to give you some advice. It sounds very uncomfortable and that is a long time to have suffered, I suffered RA in my knees and it was so painful and stopped me doing things.
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