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Date: 09.03.2015
From: NotMeAnymore

Subject: RA 'under control' but still hip, fatigue and other symptoms

My Rheumatologist dr has said my RA is under control and I am now confused about what my other symptoms relate to. In terms of joints, it is my hips that give me most trouble. I don't currently notice much in my hands and feet other than discomfort when cold. The dr said the hip symptoms relate to a mechanical problem having observed some tightness (in my back?) when asking me to reach towards my toes. I am struggling with fatigue also and some abdominal discomfort which I'm talking to the GP about. I'm on sulfasalazine and feel it affects my digestion and possibly my appetite. I'm very worried by my health and symptoms and would like to understand them better. I see older people managing better than me and feel that I should be struggling less at 34.
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Date: 09.03.2015
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: RA 'under control' but still hip, fatigue and other symptoms

few questions , are you RF positiive & do you know what your blood test results are , ie: CRP & ESR , these are the inflammatory markers they use

I have been on sulfasalazine since 1996 along with Methotrexate , as for digestion problems , alot of us take omeprazole

as for Hip problems , its rare that RA affects hips , it can happen & put myself in hospital for three weeks last year , most hip problems relate to lower back problems , one thing people with RA can get is bursitis of the hips , this can be very painful ,
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