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Date: 09.03.2015
From: Sean

Subject: Interesting reading on Diabetes

Not sure if anyone saw the news on the massive rise of diabetes in Children this morning. It's scary!

I found this study from the year 2000! they have studies that show that 2 years gluten free for Celiacs can stop the body from producing anti-bodies against other organs - and can reverse diabetes in some people... BUT TOOK 2 YEARS for systems to fully go away!

Then repeated in 2012 on a young boy WITHOUT Celiac - diabetes reversed!

Here in a big study they only kept it up the diet for 6 months - then decided that although things were better... what if they had waited 2 years?

I wonder how many doctors would say that diabetes is undeniably irreversible.

It appears a subset of people that it can be reversed - once Intestinal permeability is under control. Whether that is using a GFD on its own or in combination with other means (probiotics, glutamine, zinc, removal of dormant infection).
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