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Date: 24.01.2015
From: Nicola Haines

Subject: a little advice

i have had a sore back for the last few years. went to the doc who said my spine was slightly misaligned and there was wear and tear, and this is putting my posture off so gave me patches that made me sick and said my weight diesnt help. looking at me you wouldnt think i was active but i am i walk everywhere if i can. last year i started getting pain in my hip. was referred to physio then orthopeadic consultant. i had an xray and when i went to the consultant he touched my back in the lumbar area and i practically jumped off the bed in pain. he said its my back thats the issue and my hip is compensating so sent me for an injection to rule the hip out.i went for this in septmeber and all it did was made the pain in my back more prominent. the pain in my back gets so bad that when i walk for 2 mins im practically crawling on the ground as my legs go like jelly.i went back to the doctor and was crying in the room. she prescribed me naproxen.cocodomol,gabapentin and tramadol and signed me off work.due to go back to work next week. got taken off the tramadol as it was making me hallucinate and got put on 4 amitriptalin a night and take 9 gabapentin a day.

none of this is working. i went back for the 2nd appointment with consultant and he did another xray and it shows bad wear and tear in my backso sent me for an mri to see if there was anything causing the damage as its a lot for a 30 year old.mri came back saying nothing there that needs operated on its just bad degeneration in the spine(doctor confirmed its called spondylosis or spinal arthritis)had bee nto physio twice by this time who didnt want to do anything til i had been to chronic pain clinic as this is the next move my doctor has done. pysio spoke to my gp to see what kind of chronic pain clinic she has referred me too as there is a physio one and a consultant one(i agreed to her to find out as i didnt know what one it was by this point).pysio has just called and confimred what one it was but since i had seen my gp again by then i knew and she said my gp was keen for me to start pysio again.this isnt my problem. my problem is she has toldme to wean myself off my crutches which i am using as additional support in order for me to even walk and get back to work. her response when i told her the results of the mri were so its nothing then,and i basically get the impression she thinks im at it,as she said when she gets the muscles working as they should i should be pain free as the muscles are the main source of pain i am feeling. i have applied for pip as my mum said i should get it,she filled my form out as knows about all this stuff due to my step dad being terminally ill. and i feel like physio is making me doubt the pain im in as i know if i had to try and get around without the crutches at the moment i would struggle, i do swimming 4 days a week and feel like not going to the pysio at the moment but dont know if this would affect the pip.

am i imagining it i dont know anymore to be honest.i know the pain i have is more than strained muscles as i am in agony all night too and toss and turn and the anti inflammitiries should help with the muscles.sorry about hte long post
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Date: 24.01.2015
From: med

Subject: Re: a little advice

Im my humble opinion it sounds like you have AS. Have you had any blood work done ?
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Date: 25.01.2015
From: Lois

Subject: Re: a little advice

You are young for OA but the same age as I was. The hip problem sounds like related pain which most people with OA in the spine do get. Your MRI scan would have showed up if you had AS. Back pain caused by oa is horrendous I know I have also had surgery for a disc that slipped.
Your GP doesn't sound very supportive saying its nothing the trouble is if people don't have arthritis what would they know about the pain. Walk a day in my shoes I always say.
Why have they not sent you to the hydro pool if you find physio difficult. The hydro pool is great for us we can exercise without pain in a warm pool I loved it and found it so helpful ask your physio to refer you. The reason why they need you off the crutches is because they cause bad posture and is not good for your back. Try walking a bit with a walking stick and if you are worried ask someone to walk with you.
Have you a hot water bottle or two place them on the back and see if that helps (I have two).
It is really hard to manage but you will once you get a happy medium with help from the Drs ect. You must get to the pain clinic and they will help sort the medication and any other help for you.
You sound like you could do with PIP and forget about work for a while and concentrate on yourself.
I hope this little post helps and take care chin up (((hugs))). xx

You are not on your own rant scream shout on here we are here for you.
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