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Date: 14.01.2015
From: cathy

Subject: Need some advice on psoriatic arthritis please and what to exspect

Hello all,

I'm new here, quick background, I've psorasis since I was 11 I'm now 28, I have had a long list of tablets, creams and now injections to keep this under control, I've been diagnosed about 2 years ago of having psoriatic arthritis although symptoms for years. I have now changed hospitals due to moving house, this is where where I need some advise please as to what to expect, my last hospital "kept a eye on things", my new hospital is doing a LOT of x - rays, and now booked a mri scan for my back and pelvis plus ultrasound for my hands, they are looking at putting me on cyclosporne (sorry for spelling) again although I got taken off of this year's ago due to becoming very hair plus other side effects, I was taking this for psorasis.

Before I waffle further I'm really looking for some advise of what to expect them to be doing, ie will I always be having x - rays every month or so.

Also is there anything I can do to help me day to day, I work f/T and sit at a desk, I'm mindful to how long I sit etc, but Otten find it causes problems with my back. Also can anyone recommend anything I should be doing for when I'm doing the house work, it utterly tires me and leaves me in pain.

Thank you for reading and apologies for rambling:)
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Date: 14.01.2015
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Need some advice on psoriatic arthritis please and what to exspect

Hi Cathy - asked to tested for AGA (anti gliadin antibodies). In this trial 18 out of 30 people with psoriasis had improvements with diet changes once they had established that they had high AGA.

It is linked to Psoriatic Arthritis too - with this study stating -

"Patients with raised IgA AGA seem to have more pronounced inflammation than those with a low IgA AGA concentration."

You may also have heard of dermatitis herpeteformis - which is linked to Celiac disease - look at the pictures online they are almost identical to psoriasis. My father and I both have Ankylosing Spondylitis - and my father has been hospitalized with skin flares for eczema on his face and eyes. My eyes really flare with sore cracked skin when I have too many cow dairy products.

The impact of diet on autoimmune diseases is not promoted properly by our normal health providers - despite all the medical studies that show that there are huge links.
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Date: 18.01.2015
From: Deborah

Subject: Re: Need some advice on psoriatic arthritis please and what to exspect

Hi Cathy,
I have pa to like you had it since childhood but got really bad aged 33.

I think your new hospital will want to keep everything up to date and this is why there are so many test's x-rays etc.
This happened to me when l changed hospital's.
The rheumatologist my new one said he didn't know me so welcomed me as a new patient then said he would get all test's etc up to date.

Hope this helps you.

And must admire you for working full time don't know how you manage.
Deborah x
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